Questions Frequently Asked

What is IGSI?

Indigo Game Startup Incubation is an incubation program for helping game startups with sustainability. During this program, you will be mentored by the game industry’s experts and develop your game using industry standardized processes. We will facilitate you from the pre-production to the pre-alpha testing stage. After this program, you’ll have the chance to get further investment up to 2 billion IDR and/ or a publishing deal.

How much allowance IGSI gives us?

There are 2 kind of allowance :  

  1. For those who choose remote or WFH incubation : You get IDR 3 millions per month per team member. The allowance will be split as cash (IDR 2.75millions) and internet usage reimbursement (IDR 250 thousands).
  2. For those who choose onsite incubation on Bandung Digital Valley/ IndigoHub Bandung (maximum 2 Teams): You get IDR 4 millions per month per team member who moved to Bandung. You will also get reimbursement for transportation from your hometown to Bandung up to IDR 2 million per member (round-trip).
    This money could cover your expenses through the program. Prospective teams will get more funding after the incubation period.

What do your program expect in return of the investment?

After completing the program, Telkom Group evaluates all games that have potential, the incubated teams must accept the offer to proceed to the next incubation stage, which is under Indigo. Incubated teams must give first right of refusal of your game to Telkom Group.

Does the game have to be released in the IGSI Program?

What is meant to be released in this program is the demo released or pre-alpha stage, which is the game can be tested by your game target market to get quantitative and qualitative.

Is there any limitation on genre or platform?

Technically, you can submit any genre of game idea. Yet, plus point if your game idea is categorized as:

Mobile: Social+, Multiplayer

PC: Premium or Multiplayer

We accept consoles too but it has to be on PC first. The publishing region must include a global audience (English speaking country, Asia or SEA).

How do you select tenants?

We select tenants based on following criterias:

  1. Pitch Deck : The concept/premise of the game, Game position compared to competitors, Team experience and ability
  2. Sample Build :The technical ability of the team in making sample-builds according to the features agreed between the team and the mentor
  3. Sample Asset : Assess the team’s ability to create visual assets
  4. Feasibility Study : The game scale of the features/content to be created, The ability of the team to dissect the scope of the game and estimate the timeline, The ability of the team to understand the capacity of the team

What if I still have another contract with another company?

You still can apply as long as you can work from Monday – Friday, 40 hours/ week, available from 8 AM to 5 PM for mentoring and coordination with management during the incubation program.

What if one member of the team is not performing well that is hampering the team performance?

We will conduct periodic evaluations per month. If there are any participants who have low performance, a warning system will be carried out until that participant’s contract is terminated. Or the team can ask management IGSI to terminate the contract for the underperforming member.

What is Indigo?

Indigo is a comprehensive program designed specifically to support the development of Indonesian startups. The Output of this program is a business entity that has good prospects at the national and global level, based on IT products that are preferred by the market.

The Telkom Group provides opportunities for startups to realize their creative work, whether it is still in the form of ideas, products that already have users, businesses that already have income, as well as businesses that require further acceleration and financing. The Indigo Program is conducted by Telkom Group aimed for startups that want to develop their business in the digital field. The selected startup will follow the incubation program for 3 months to 24 months depending on the stages and get a variety of facilities such as, co-working space, mentoring, funding, market access through a marketing channel owned by Telkom Group.

What to do at each stage of Indigo ?

  • Alpha : The ultimate goal of this Alpha stage is to validate whether players like your game.
  • Beta : The ultimate goal of this stage is to validate whether players are willing to make payments for the games you created.
  • Gold :The purpose of this stage is traction or increasing the number of players. In addition, the game must also start generating revenue.

Are convertible notes (CN) addressed for a product or company? What percentage of CN will be shared to Telkom?

For startups that have not yet been shaped in Limited Company (or Perseroan Terbatas in Indonesian), then Convertible Notes bound to all startup personnel in the form of community, when it is already shaped in Limited Company, then the Convertible Notes binding the intended company. Convertible Notes worth of 375 million IDR will be converted to 5% of shares, valued at 750 million IDR to 10% of the shares, while for the phase of acceleration with the value of convertible notes up to 2 billion IDR. The percentage shares will be decided according to due diligence results and deals with Startup.

What if IGSI Startup gets an investment from a party other than Telkom Group?

We welcome startups to seek investors and/ or publishers other than Telkom Group. If the startup has signed an investment other than Telkom Group, the startup is going to be graduated from the incubation Indigo program.

What if the startup fails in getting revenue for its product?

At IGSI, startups don’t need to generate revenue, so it doesn’t matter. Startup must be able to generate revenue at the Gold stage.

Why do I need to apply to this program? If I want to apply, what do I need to have?

Because you’ll learn the game developing process and how to survive in the game market industry from the best practice with mentors guide. You’ll have the chance to grow your game startup assisted by Telkom Group.

If you want to apply, you need a team of at least five people (more is preferable, max 10 members per team) and a desire to build a game as a professional or business not a hobby. The team should have been working together for at least one year.

What is the definition of a potential game to pass to IGSI?

A Potential game on IGSI means a game that has good gameplay, mechanics, and visuals. It also has been validated based on the pre-alpha build and qualitative feedback of your target market player.

What are our other responsibilities?

You are responsible to follow the program schedule and to develop a game with decent game direction, mechanics, and visuals. Participants must attend this program full time, which is 8 hours per day for 5 days a week and submit weekly report, except holidays.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes. We agree on a contract before the program begins. There will be a contract to protect us both from misunderstandings.

I don’t have any team yet. How could I join the program?

You can still register at IGSI. If you pass the technical skill test of individual member, we will conduct a matchmaking process to find a team for you (depending on whether there is a team in need according to the role you apply for or not).

Could I work as a part-timer?

No. Since the incubation period needs the attendance of the teams for 40 hours/ week, we expect full-time commitment from the participants.

Could we join the program remotely?

Yes, you can. We have 2 options for teams in our incubation program: Onsite and Remote.

What could be expected after IGSI program?

As mentioned before, potential teams with potential games will be joined in the next stage of incubation through the Indigo Program.

How many stages are there in the Indigo Program? And what are the stages?

The incubation stages in the Indigo Program consist of 3 stages which include the Alpha, Beta, and Gold stage. The Alpha and Beta stage have a time period of 6 months. While the Gold stage has a time period of up to 2 years.

What benefits do you get at Indigo?

The business development support called Incubation Stages is pre-seed capital Up to Rp.750 million with a CN 10%, with the following details:

  • The Alpha stage will be supported with pre-seed capital of 375 millions IDR per company/community with a CN 5%.
  • The Beta stage will be supported with pre-seed capital of 375 millions IDR per company/community with a CN 5%.
  • The Gold stage up to  2 billions IDR with a CN value of up to 13% (according to the results of negotiations and Pre-Gold/ Due Diligence).


What are convertible notes (CN)?

It is a letter of debt issued by startups to acquire investments that can be converted into stocks with a certain percentage value. At maturity, the debt has the option to be exchanged for company equity or company shares.


What if Telkom Group is attracted to the startup product?

Telkom Group will do the administrative process of Perjanjian Kerja Sama (PKS) or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the startup with provisions that are already explained in points 21, 22, and 23.


What happens if the IGSI startup refuses to invest further?

You need to sign a contract before you join IGSI. The contract will be in the form of Berita Acara Kesepakatan (BAK) and stated that you have been agreed that the IGSI startup is willing to get further investment or first right of refusal to Telkom Group if it is declared feasible.

How can I asked other question aside from this FAQ?

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