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We believe that Indonesian Game Development teams have what it takes to create the next phenomenal game. We will assist you with the best knowledges, resources, and investments up to 2 billions IDR. You'll also have a chance to expand your studio, assisted by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia.

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You’re new in the game development and you don’t have a team yet? No worries. Start preparing yourself for the next batch by joining our free Game Development Online Course at DILo Game Academy.


What is IGSI?

Get to know what our program offers through this short video.

The First Game Industry Incubator in Indonesia

We are commited to help Indonesian game developer to create successful products.

Supporting Indonesian Game Dev Ecosystem The Incubation Program was created as an end-to-end solution to improve the overall game ecosystem in Indonesia. From training new talents, providing guidance with the game development cycle, as well as connecting you with investors and publishers in Indonesia and beyond. We’ve got them all covered.

Incubation Program During the three month incubation period, you will have access to reviews, feedbacks and users to help you iterate and test your game before it’s released to the masses. From gameplay to A/B testing, we will help you release the best possible game for your players.

What They Said about IGSI

IGSI taught us about game business and monetization which made us realized that we couldn’t only make a game that we think is good. We also have to think about how to make it survive in the game industry.
Sarah Rahma
MDL Junior Team
Before joining this program, we only work with devices that have just enough. On this program, we could use PC with high specification which help fasten up developing our project.
There are no rivalry system here, we are really happy because we feel like we are one big family with the same goal, to make Indonesia Game Development Industry better.
Ibnu Qoyyim
GINVO Studio


Funds & Further Investment

We provide development funds for the incubation period. Prospective tenants will get further investment up to 2 billions IDR.

Expert Mentors & Courses

Improve your game with guidance from expert mentors of the game industry. Get essential knowledge by taking our online courses.


We provide software licenses and PC's components lending. Co-working space could be used after WFO safety is declared.


Backed by expert mentors from the industry, we'll give you the best support to build your game.

Arief Widhiyasa
Business Mentor
Wimindra Lee
Design Mentor
Fifi Xu
Art Mentor
Yodi Pramudito
Technical Mentor

Team Criteria

Team Members

Consists of at least 2 people, more is desirable.


At least one year experience of working together.

Basic Equipments

Your team should have basic working equipments suitable for developing games.

Individual Criteria

Knowledge and Skills

Technical test will be held to confirm that candidates are eligible to join IGSI. To be more prepared, join our course at


Individual candidates will be joining teams as additional members.

Basic Equipments

Your team should have basic working equipments suitable for developing games.



Webinars and Game Jam
We'll organize webinars packed with knowledges and a Game Jam to cultivate ideas. Make sure you don't miss our events.


Bootcamp and Selection
Learn how to make a game pitch in our online bootcamp. Teams with best game pitches will be selected to be our tenants.


Incubation Phase
Packed with talks and workshops on developing games using industry's standars, make sure you are listed as one of our tenants.

Selection Flow


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    Mengutip dari situs OkeTechno (OkeZone), Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf bekerja sama dengan Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI) membuka program fasilitasi bagi perusahaan game Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam Gamescom 2020 pada bulan Juli 2020. Ada 3 dari 16 Studio Game yang terpilih merupakan alumni dari program Indigo Game Startup Incubation Batch 1. Siapa saja mereka? Yuk simak lebih lanjut disini.

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    Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 baru saja mengumumkan pemenang terpilih menjadi Top 30 Indie Games. 7 di antaranya merupakan peserta Indigo Game Startup Incubation, baik dari batch 1 maupun 2. Siapa sajakah mereka? Yuk simak lebih detail disini.

  3. IGSI Podcast: “Narrative Design: The Story Behind Making Coffee Talk” with Fahmi Hasni (09 Jul 2020)

    Bagaimana sebaiknya kita mendesain cerita secara naratif untuk sebuah game? Disini Fahmi menceritakan bagaimana asal mula ia memiliki ide cerita untuk membuat game hingga akhirnya dapat direalisasikan ke dalam "Coffee Talk." Simak selengkapnya di artikel berikut ini.