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We are incubating Indonesian game studio since 2019

Indigo Game: Long Story Short


  • Indigo Game Launched!

Indigo Game Launched!

First batch launched with 10 game startups. 5 of them are going to funding stage.


  • 2nd & 3rd Batch Rolling

2nd & 3rd Batch Rolling

Total of 14 game startups participated, with 7 of them area going to the next stage.


  • 4th Batch Rolling

4th Batch Rolling

Incubating 5 game startups with 2 of them are going to the funding stage

First publisher deals!

2 games got publishing deal with Nuon Digital Indonesia


  • 5th Batch Rolling
  • More Publishing Deals

5th Batch Rolling

6 game startups involved and 3 are going to Alpha stage.

More Publishing Deals

9 games got publishing deals with POKI, Plug in Digital, Mastiff, DreamGame, CRX, and Nuon

Our Incubation Stages

1:: Intake

At Indigo Game, we have a knack for discovering top-notch early-stage Indonesian game startups. Our approach involves a mix of canvassing and forging partnerships with various stakeholders, including local game communities, academic institutions, and game publishers.

  • Community & academic canvassing
  • Publisher referral

2:: Production

When a game startup reaches the point where they can join our 12-month incubation program, they get a chance to supercharge their game and sharpen their business skills, all while securing up to US$190k in funding from Indigo Game.

  • Development funding
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Networking events
  • Publishing support

3:: Operational

When the startup is wrapping up its incubation period and gearing up to take their game all the way to a full release with a publisher. Indigo Game will keep tabs on the startup's progress after the program, helping them connect with potential publishers down the road.

  • Publishing support
  • Alumni tracker
  • Follow-on-funding initiatives

Is your game studio

Eager to get publisher?

We are looking for high spirited game studio with playable vertical slice and validated business plan to be nurtured into publisher-stage. Submit your game now.

Indigo Game Logo

Indigo Game is an incubation program under Telkom Indonesia who serves early stage game studio to bring the game into reality and going global faster.


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